As part of our continued dedication to excellence in quality, Demsey Manufacturing has recently acquired and integrated a Keyence Instant Measurement (IM) 7020 Image Dimension Measurement System into our quality assurance processes.

The IM 7020 is a cutting-edge precision dimensional measuring system, offering high precision optical measurements of even the most complex geometries and up to 4 times the measurement volume of other optical comparators, supported by advanced data tracking, recording, and reporting capabilities. The unique features of the IM 7020 provide many important features, making it a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. These include:

  • Easy operator interface with an intuitive interface, automated focus adjustment, automated lighting settings, and automated detection of a part’s position and orientation in the stage, eliminating time-consuming hand positioning
  • Capacity to measure a wide range of part sizes, from small, lightweight parts to large and tall parts due to 200 x 200 mm stage, for up to 4x the measurement volume
  • Precise, fast optical measurement of up to 99 measurement points with a single button push
  • Simultaneous, accurate measurement of over 100 parts
  • Automatic data tracking and recording of results & key measurement identifiers, including calculation of critical measurement points and statistical values
  • Clear diagrams of measurement points and results, providing at-a-glance OK/NG result summaries
  • Reporting and export capabilities, recording & reporting packages

To further enhance the exceptional qualities of the IM 7020 we have coupled it with a high definition 55″ monitor allowing multiple people to view simultaneously.

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